Friday, January 12, 2007

Yeah!!! Happy Dance!!! Yeah!!!

This is me doing a little happy dance!!!!! I have a new website!!!! It an actual store type website! So I can sell books! lots of books and not have to only sell them on ebay!!!! (not that ebay hasn't been good to's been very good to me, its just that I have a pretty serious back log of inventory and I don't want to flood the ebay market) I am so excited!!! this is goin to be the forst book I put on! YooHoo Sexy HUH?
It's a 6 panel concertina I made to show at a local gallery. The gallery closed for the winter and I wanted to restock inventory so here she is. I really do love making books!!! this is how addicted to it I am! My daughter needed some Brownie patches ironed onto her uniform before school yesterday So I took into the uniform and patches into the studio, turned on the iron and started to iron the patches on...I kid you mouth actually started to water! Maybe it was the smell of the iron on the fabric, maybe it was the anticipation of getting it out of the way and getting on to other things...who knows? maybe I'm just like one of Pavlov's dogs?

But anyway...tomorrow i have to throw a big birthday party of Abby. I wish I could be one of those mom's who just loved that type of thing...all I can think about is how I'm going to keep all those kids out the studio?!?!?!
But seriously my should be up and running in a few days...yeah!!! love, Amy

Monday, January 08, 2007

What Was I Thinking???

Sometimes i so the dumbest stuff!!! In the middle of some sort of dark, scary fit I closed down my ebay store and account! I was frustrated and upset and couldn't climb out of a very dark hole...well...did I also mention that at the same time my DH changed our server and I lost all my email...contacts....all that stuff. In a matter of 1 afternoon I had managed to wipe out pretty much everything I had WORKED SO HARD FOR OVER THE PAST YEAR!!!! The worst part??? I didn't realize it until AFTER i had done it!!!!
What a way to run a business...A home business at that. Speaking of home...My wonderful husband (andy) has just informed me that he will be taking a contract up in ALASKA for 8 months...(that is the sound of my head exploding)...When I say contract up in Alaska I mean he will be going to work at a remote site hatchery, on an Island...up in ALASKA! We will not be going with him but he will be back in 8 months...and he does keep trying to remind me that his paycheck will be directly deposited into my checking account every other week...Why are men dumb?
I keep telling him that he can't soothe my feathers with money. Boy is he dumb!!!

I always knew this could happen. Before we got married we spent years at a time apart because he was at remote sites and we always figured that when the kids were grown up we would live in Alaska at a remote site and grow older together but MR. Crazypantswants to take a contract now???
Now with Aaron just out of the hospital? He is nuts and I may have to cut holes in all his underwear!!!!!

My rant for the day? I'm crazy...Andy is VERY crazy and...well there you have it. I'm going to spent the rest of my day working on how to get a website going!!! wish me luck

Friday, January 05, 2007


We did it! We made it home! We did make it home for Christmas but something with Aaron just wasn't right...he was acting funny, very down and tired, eating constantly and throwing up at night. At one point the incision on his belly opened up and he saturated three dressings...back to Portland we went...evidently he had a pocket of fluid that built up and found a way out (his belly has just started to get smaller again). Home we went...Aaron continued to eat too much, sleep too much and was on edge most of the time. This Tuesday we take him down to see the neuro and he announces to us that Aaron's ventricles are so small they have actually disappeared(the next step past tiny is collapsed and that is a really BAD thing) so he turns the setting on his shunt up and we wait.... But we are here and we are all together and Aaron seems to be over the worst of it. I showed him his pictures up on the blog and read him all of you wonderful comments and he was so excited that people were talking about him. Honestly you guys are wonderful and I know I have been impossible to get a hold of during this time but it has meant so much to have everyones wonderful support! What and honor! Love Amy

Wait...I have a P.S. . the two pictures i posted at the top of this post are from when Aaron first came home. It was a long trip and he and Andy fell asleep on the futon. The second set of pictures are from last year before Aaron got sick. It was a shock to look at the before pictures and see what a shinny happy little boy he was. I have shed quite a few tears looking at those pictures but now that his shunt is working properly I can already see my beautiful boy coming back. (here come the tears again) love, Amy

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not So Good!

This is the first time I've had access to a computer in about 2 weeks. Normally I try and keep this part of my life to myslef but I really wanted everyone to know that I haven't been ignoring them. I've been down in Portland at Maine Medical Center's Childrens Hopsital where my son Aaron is currently recovering from two back-to-back surgeries. Aaron was diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus at two weeks (he was 10 weeks premature so it was nightmare on top of nightmare) and was shunted before he weighed 3 lbs. So far he has had 7 revisions and more time in the hospital than I can count. This time the Neuro's took out his entire shunt system (it is a device that leads into the brain and carries the excess fluid into the stomach) including all the tubing under his skin along his neck and into his chest. I knew soemthing was wrong the moment he came out of the first surgery but it took several hours before I could get anyone to pay attention to me (one crappy nurse in a pool of really amazing nurses can really screw stuff up!!!) So 8 hours later he goes in for surgery number 2: As the neuro said "everything that could go wrong went wrong" the tubing had gone into the wrong spot adn curled up upon itself so they had to get a general surg. in to held neuro palce it laproscopically, the sunt still didn't work so neuro had to replace the shunt system in his head...again, evidently he had had a small bleed and the shunt athiter had clogged. Now three days out his belly looks like he swallowed a we go again...(sniff). I am just so frustrated and tired and sad. I never understand why these things happen to children...great now I'm crying...again. My hisband did bring me up my current book to work on. It took lots of written directions and phone tag for him to fill up a box of all the stuff I need to finish it but he did it! (Yeah...A little bit of normalacy). I am feeling better working on my pretty little book. I have my camera and hopefully I can figure out a way to get it listed...cuz I gotta to sell something to make a little bit of money (bleck!) Hopefully we be home soon and I swear I'll have more tiem to answer ALL of my emails!!! Love Amy

Saturday, November 18, 2006

should I be mad?

Beleive it or not this is the best cat ever! Her name it kady and she is my art companion. Normally she spends her days louning on my long abandoned desk next to my sewing table. Since she is abnormally fuzzy and warm and sweet I love having her with arm length for the occasional unplanned belly scratch (her! Not me!). she has decided to take up residence ON MY SCANNER!!!!!

Now don't get me wrong , I love this cat but all I can think when I see her there is that I can't believe she has parked her big butt ON MY SCANNER!!!! I suppoe this is all my fault. I do have 4 cats and I did let them take over the entire house. they walk on the counters, sleep in the clean laundry pile, scratch everthing all to hell, terrorize the dog (sorry I'm not a dog person but I threw that one in just for the heck of it) and tease the chickens! It did almost break up my marriage when a cute little black cat got dumped off on our doorstep. It was him or the cat! He announced (Needless to say I found a wounderful new home for little black kitty). But I just can't help it! I'm a sucker for a fuzzy belly and big purr, just not ON MY SCANNER!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This is the view of the sky from my house! Can you believe it?'s only 2:oo in the afternoon! It's been like this for days and it is really starting to get to me!!!! It is dark and depressing and miserable! It's Maine for pete's sake! It's supposed to be crisp and clear and frosty! Now it's just dark and grey and humid. BLECK! BLECK! BLECK!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Ebay

I am so excited about the little book I have up on ebay right now I had to put a few pictures on. It is just a peanut of a book! I've always wanted to do and ATC's sized book and thought it would be a breeze! Well...Trying to scale down a fabric book to ATC size it not as easy as I though it was gong to be but it was so worth the effort. I love this little book, it is just a sweetheart!